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Handing Over Keys


We have the necessary tools to find the property that best suits your taste and budget, in the counties of Miami-Dade & Broward.

With so many questions and options for buying a home, the process can be a bit overwhelming if you don't have the right information. Don't worry! the team of professionalsOpen Realtyis here to help you.

What should you keep in mind when buying?


Determine how you are going to buy the property; if with own resources or through a bank. Currently there are loans offered by banks, which are adjusted to the needs of each client, whether National or Foreign.


Identify the type of property you want to buy, the neighborhood or the city, and what budget you will allocate for the purchase.

Consider this

Visit the properties personally and consider the cost of property taxes, insurance, homeowners or condo association fees, etc. in order to have a clearer understanding of the real costs of maintaining the property.

Do the Math

Compare all the options and do the math.Make level-headed decisions.  It is better to buy something that fits within your budget.


  • It has the cities preferred by companies with business and trade headquarters for Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

  • It houses Universities, Organizations and Associations that are recognized worldwide.

  • A dynamic and developing economy, which moves the equivalent of 14 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean, not including Mexico and Brazil.

  • The favorite meeting place for artists, movie stars and sports celebrities from around the world.

  • A place to reduce the stress of daily life, as well as being a tourist destination par excellence.

Do you know how much you are spending on monthly rent?

Monthly Payment        Number of years       Total paid

$2,000.00                      7 años                 $168,000.00

$3,000.00                      7 años                 $252,000.00

$5,000.00                      7 años                 $420,000.00

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